LGBTQ Rights Protection: International Practice and Chinese Law Discussion

Auteur Rongfang DENG
Directeur /trice Andreas R. Zeigler
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Résumé de la thèse

In today's era of globalization, the international community is undergoing significant changes in culture, society, and legal systems. LGBTQ rights and interests have emerged as a focal point of global attention, reflecting a growing acknowledgment and respect for diverse gender cultures. Several Western countries serve as models for the LGBTQ community, showcasing how equal rights and interests can be pursued through legal and social system changes. As one of the world's largest developing countries, China's vast population and rich cultural history create fertile ground for social transformation. However, LGBTQ rights and interests remain a sensitive and ambiguous area in China. While there has been a gradual increase in attention to LGBTQ issues in recent years, relevant laws and institutions still exhibit a certain degree of lag. With the escalating global focus on LGBT rights, the development of countries in this realm exhibits notable disparities.

This paper aims to analyze the shortcomings in the development of LGBTQ rights, comparing rapidly advancing countries at the forefront of protecting these rights with those lagging behind, such as China. The goal is to identify deficiencies in the current landscape and propose new pathways and ideas for progress. This paper will delve into crucial issues faced by the LGBTQ community on a global scale, encompassing employment discrimination, gender violence, same-sex marriage, physical and mental health, gender legal recognition, and reproductive rights. Through a comparative examination of these concerns across different countries, we aim to uncover variations in the development of LGBTQ rights protection, pinpoint existing challenges, and propose effective strategies for resolution. Conducting a thorough analysis of case studies from both rapidly advancing and underdeveloped countries, our objective is to identify the root causes of these issues, present practical solutions, and introduce innovative ideas and developmental paths for the safeguarding of LGBTQ rights and interests worldwide. By comprehensively understanding the complexity and global implications of this topic, this study aspires to contribute to the promotion of a more just, equal, and inclusive social environment on a global scale.

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