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Surviving and Thriving in Interdisciplinary Research & Lunch Panel on Careers in the Fields of Law, Criminal Sciences and Public Administration


6 juin 2023 - 9h30-16h30


Prof Yvonne McDermott Rees (Swansea University, UK); Dr Alice Liefgreen (Swansea University, UK)


Yvonne McDermott Rees (Swansea),

Alice Liefgreen (Swansea),

Evelyne Schmid (UNIL),

Bettina Hummer (UNIL),

Christophe Champod (UNIL),

Manon Jendly (UNIL),

Constance Kaempfer (UNIL),

Clara Rigoni (UNIL),

Sophie Weerts (UNIL),

Pirmin Bundi (UNIL) 


Undertaking interdisciplinary research can be hugely rewarding and enables the researcher to explore perspectives and concepts from other disciplines. This seminar will give doctoral students the opportunity to reflect on their research methods and the means in which their research is and is not interdisciplinary in nature. The seminar is aimed at both students who are undertaking an explicitly interdisciplinary study and those who are doing a PhD in Law but are considering whether a method or approach from another discipline might enrich their work. A series of cross-cutting issues will be discussed, including building interdisciplinary networks; stakeholder engagement and collaboration; publishing interdisciplinary research, and the challenges and benefits of interdisciplinarity as such. Students will be given the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from experts invited for the occasion, as well as other participants.

A lunchtime panel on careers in the fields of law, criminal sciences and public administration will provide perspectives on career development from speakers from a range of career stages and disciplinary focuses, with a focus on women's careers but open to all.

Prof. Yvonne McDermott Rees and Dr. Alice Liefgreen are currently leading a major research project which seeks to explore the impact of deepfakes on trust in user-generated evidence in accountability processes for human rights violations.



Université de Lausanne, IDHEAP, Learning Lab






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