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International Law Literature Forum


Tbd (1/mois durant le semestre)

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Lys Kulamadayil, IHEID


Prof. Nico Krisch, IHEID


The International Law Literature Forum is a platform to discuss contemporary international law scholarship, typically on the basis of work in progress by invited speakers. The literature chosen for the forum reflects the diversity of topics of, and approaches to, legal study. With the authors present, the forum offers an opportunity for an in-depth engagement with the pieces chosen. Furthermore, the forum provides a chance to give and receive constructive feedback for ongoing research. Speakers in the academic year 2015/16 included Mikael Madsen (University of Copenhagen), Yuval Shany (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Ratna Kapur (Jindal Law School, New Delhi) and Georg Nolte (Humboldt University Berlin), among others. A broad variety of topics was covered, including the history of international law, investment law, human rights law and general international law.


IHEID (Maison de la Paix)





  1. 9 March 2017: 17.15-18.30, MdP P2-S2Kristina Daugirdas (University of Michigan): Understanding the United Nations' Failure to Confront Sexual Violence by UN Peacekeepers
  2. 10 April: 18.15-19.30, MdP P2-S8; B.S Chimni (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
  3. 10 May: 18.15-19.30, MdP P1-S5: José E. Alvarez (New York University): The Human Right to Property
  4. 31 May: 17.15-18.30, MdP P2-S2, Jochen von Bernstorff (Tübingen University): Cold War Interventionism and International Law





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