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Geneva Internet L@w research colloquium


21 juin 2019

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Mme Ana Andrijevic, UNIGE Prof. Jacques de Werra, UNIGE, Dr Yaniv Benhamou, UNIGE


Prof. Christopher Bavitz, Clinical Professor of Law (Harvard Law School)

Prof. Alexandra Bensamoun, Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche en Droit de l'Immatériel (Université Paris Sud)

Prof. Sergio Branco, Director at ITS Rio

Prof. Irène Calboli, School of Law (University of Geneva) and School of Law (University of Texas A&M)

Prof. Jacques de Werra, School of Law (University of Geneva)

Dr. Alfred Früh, School of Law (University of Zurich)

Prof. Urs Gasser, Professor of Practice School (Harvard Law School)

Prof. Haijun Jin, School of Law (Renmin University of China)

Prof. Jovan Kurbalija, Founding Director of DiploFoundation, Head of the Geneva Internet Platform, Executive Director, Secretariat of the UN-High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation

Prof. Alain Strowel, Catholic University of Louvain, CRIDES Center for Economic Law and the Society and University Saint-Louis



The Geneva Internet L@w Research Colloquium, organized by the School of Law of the University of Geneva in collaboration with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, the CRIDES Center for Economic Law and Society at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Renmin University of China, the Geneva Internet Platform and the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio, provides researchers working in Internet law the opportunity to: present their work-in-progress to a panel of experienced Internet law experts, engage with one another in an informal setting, have in-depth discussions and exchanges, and receive helpful feedback and advice. It also affords selected participants the opportunity to gain speaker experience in that they will be able to present their work to the students attending the Geneva Internet L@w Summer School.


Prof. Chris Bavitz, Cyberlaw Clinic, Harvard Law School, and Center for Internet & Society Prof. Christian Bovet, UNIGE Prof. Sergio Branco, ITSRio Prof. Irène Calboli, Texas A&M University Prof. Jacques de Werra, UNIGE Prof. Haijun Jin, Renmin University of China Dr Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation, and Geneva Internet Platform Prof. Alain Strowel, Catholic University of Louvain, and University Saint-Louis, Brussels Prof. Florent Thouvenin, University of Zürich


Toutes les informations nécessaires se trouvent sur le site du colloque:


Gondation Hardt Genève


Speakers are selected by the organizers. If you would like to present your research as a speaker, please follow the instructions on the website of the conference



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